STAR 3 & 4 Group Program


Our STAR 3 & 4 program is for skaters who are currently working at the STAR 3 or 4 level.  These skaters are landing flip and loop and can do a back spin and a sit spin.  They will work in the Skate Canada Test Program and those with the desire and apptitude will begin competing.  Fees include all on ice and off ice sessions, goal setting and on ice group enrichment classes.  Private and Semi Private Lessons are not included in the fees.  The amount/cost of lesson time desired is discussed with our skating director.  Once registered, please email with your details for the amount of lesson time you desire for your skater or to discuss a plan for them.

STAR 3 & 4 designated sessions are offered three times a week.  Skaters at this level are encouraged to skate a minimum of 3 sessions per week.  All Open Sessions are available for Star 3 & 4 Skaters to register on as well.   Each Star 3 & 4 session is between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/4 hour depending on the day you register.  Each day includes a 45 minute off ice session.

A minimum of three skating days per week is mandatory, as the program emphasizes quick progress in a fun, enthusiastic environment.

The on-ice session also includes all of the preparation for our Winter and Spring Ice Shows.

During the off-ice session, skaters will do exercises to improve their strength & conditioning, dance & flexibility, and jump & spin technique.  Off-ice participation is mandatory. Skaters will also learn to set weekly goals for their training.

Skaters will be trained and evaluated regularly in the STAR test system by our Professional Skate Canada Team.


Required Equipment


Runners – proper gym shoes for off-ice training.

Water bottle – a must

Figure skates – new or good quality used, skate guards and towel for drying blades.  Skates can be purchased at:

* Skaters Edge - Unit 10-145 Schoolhouse St.
Coquitlam V3K 4X8; 604-521-5550

* Cyclone Taylor Sports – 1005 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver V6M 2P6;  604-264-9261


Figure skating attire


Girls: skating dress and tights or training pants, gloves, and sweater.  Layered clothing is necessary as skaters warm up during the session.  Hair is to be neatly tied.  No hoodies or long bulky ski jackets.

Boys: stretch pants, fitted shirt/sweater, gloves. Layered clothing is necessary as skaters warm up during the session.  No hoodies or long bulky ski jackets.


 We accept students who would like to skate with our club that have done municipal or school skating, skaters transferring from another club, and new skaters that would like to join our club. Skaters will be assessed on ice by one of our coaches to help find the right coach for each skater.

Parents are responsible for paying for ice fees, registration fees, and coaching fees. Coaching fees are charged in increments of time - generally 15/20/ or 30 minute lessons - which can be group or private. Group lesson costs are split amongst however many skaters are in the group. Private lessons are billed to the individual skater. Coaches will inform you what their lesson rates are. These rates are based on the individual coaches experience as a past skater, experience and years teaching, and coaching level (education) they have obtained with Skate Canada. Rates range between $7.00 - $15.00 for a 15 minute lesson.

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