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CanSkate is our innovative learn-to-skate program developed by Skate Canada and run by NCCP certified coaches. CanSkate provides the basic technique for skating, creating a strong foundation of skills required for figure skating, hockey, ringette, and speed skating. With lively music, special theme days, and interactive games, the program is centered on fun while working on proper technique through natural progressions. At each level, skaters will work towards earning a ribbon in all three focus areas of Balance, Control, and Agility. Once all three ribbons are earned, the skater will receive the stage badge and will advance to the next level. Skaters will progress at their own rate and can move to the next level throughout the season. This program focuses on three areas of skating development:

Balance: Forward skills, pushing technique, and edges
Control: Backwards skills, stopping, and speed
Agility: Turning and jumping

If you need any additional information or help with regards to this program                                                                   

Please email us at (subject area: CanSkate)


Required Equipment All skaters MUST wear: 

  • Gloves
  • A CSA approved hockey helmet. Bike or ice sports helmets are not permitted.  
  • Skates
  • Clothing appropriate for level and movement needs

Guidelines for Skates:

  • Skaters should be able to walk with ankles upright.
  • Skates made of leather/firm material are preferable to plastic.
  • Lace-up skates are best.  Avoid Velcro and buckles.
  • Second hand skates are fine provided they fit and provide proper support.
  • Laces need to be done up tightly from toes to snug at top.

AVOID buying skates too big so they last another season.  AVOID wraping laces around the top of the boot. 




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