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The Gold program are for skaters working on double jumps, advance spins and solos. Our club utilize a team coaching model. All skaters and coaches will be working closely with one another to provide skaters with private or semi-private lessons which are specific to the skater’s needs. Our team coaching model provides skaters with a supportive and healthy environment to train in. This program training includes both on-ice and off-ice training. 

On-ice is taught in private/semi-private format, as well as development classs.
Including preparation for our Annual Winter Ice Show. 
Off-Ice is very important for skater development. Off-ice lessons are the time skaters improve their strength, coordination, dance, flexibility, and jump and spin technique, and goal setting for their training.

Please be aware, parents are responsible for paying ice, registration, and coaching fees. Coaching rates are based on the individual coach’s experience as a past skater, experience, years of teaching, and coaching level. The amount/cost of desired lesson time can be discussed and arranged.

Audition/assessment required
**Assessments are valid for 6 months from more recent assessments date.
Certain exceptions apply. Contact us at to enquire more. 

**The Senior Coach Consultant will have the final approval of all promotions within the Burnaby Skating Club. Any movement within the programs that does not adhere to the published criteria may be at the Senior Coach Consultant discretion based on membership situations, a skater’s competitive record or overall development.

Technical Requirements:
  • consistent single axel
  • consistent 2 different double jumps
  • flying camel
  • proficient skating skills

  • Figure Skates 
  • Sneakers/Runners: 
  • Skipping rope
  • Training pants/ yoga pants 
  • Water Bottle
Skating Attire:
  • NO hoodies, NO long bulky sweaters/jackets
  • Girls: Training/Yoga pants, gloves, zip-up fitted jacket, layered clothing or  skating dress + tights. 
  • Hair must be neatly tied and out of the eyes.
  • Boys: Training/Yoga pants, gloves, zip-up fitted jacket, layered clothing
  • Club Jackets are available for purchase. For more details
Skaters Edge:
Unit 10-145 Schoolhouse St
Coquitlam, BC
Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating
1005 West 49th Ave.
Vancouver, BC



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